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Ayurveda Trainings
Innergy specialises in trainings and certificate courses in the following areas:

This unique is the first of its kind program in Asia. Using only tropical herbs, spices and oils available in your kitchen, we combine Ayurvedic herbal formulation techniques to prepare herbal remedies for general health, hair care and beauty care. Please contact us for more information.

“Food is medicine, medicine is food” – Ayurvedic proverb
Ayurveda places great emphasis on healing, prevention and health care and encourages maintaining health by playing close attention to the food we consume. In this workshop, you will learn the science of personalising food based on individual body types. This includes understanding the properties of food, how it affects your body constitution, incompatible food combination that could lead to toxicity and the rules for food consumption. You will also learn some basic recipes keeping in mind the dietary need of an individual based on different body types. Please contact us for more information.

Rasayana (Rejuvenation) is one branch of Ayurveda where Rasayana refers to the effective means by which optimal nourishment is reached to the body tissues. Rasayana slows down the ageing process, enhances physical and mental and competency, provides youthfulness, improves immunity and increases longevity.  In this customized workshop, you will learn the theory as well as practical techniques of Rasyana. Please contact us for more information.

Many people assume detox entails random fasting or consuming a pill which is misleading and can be detrimental to one’s overall wellbeing.  Both Ayurveda and Yoga advocates detox but does so in a holistic manner. One has to be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared before engaging in the program and nutrition plays a key role. Ayurvedic detox therapy can range from 45 days to 7 days and requires qualified physicians manage this.  Other detox methods that can be practiced at home regularly requires mastering simple techniques advocated by Yoga.  Please contact us for more information.

According to Ayurveda, the secret to beauty is ojas (vital essence) of a person.  This is the finest form of essence after all the 7 tissues are and provides vigor health and beauty.  At this workshop you will learn the ancient beauty secrets of home-made beauty solutions for skin and hair care using herbs and plants. Please contact us for more information.

This program is aimed at training & capacity building participants in the fundamental principles of Ayurveda for better understanding the environment with special focus on diet & life style management in achieving health and longevity.


  • To provide awareness & knowledge about principles of Ayurveda in understanding food & its impact on your health
  • To provide awareness & knowledge about principles of Ayurveda in understanding lifestyle and its role in holistic healthcare.
  • To provide Skills in preparation of few Ayurvedic diet with their nutritional value
  • To provide Skills in preparation of few Ayurvedic beauty care products

Course Structure

  • The program is divided into 4 Modules, which makes it flexible and easy to grasp
  • Each Module are scheduled for approximately 40 hours of contact classes
  • Time limit for completion of all modules is 2 years
  • Module 1 to 3 will include 80 % theory & 20% practical classes
  • Module 4 will include 20 % theory & 80 % practical classes
  • Module 4 will ideally be conducted in India (at I-AIM premises Bangalore) and will include / added with 1 day visit to a Ayurvedic manufacturing unit / Factory
  • Certificate will be issued by the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (I-AIM) Bangalore

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“Abhyanga” is Treatment Massage and is loosely referred to as Massage. Abhyanga is in fact an Ayurvedic Oil Treatment and requires specialised skills in understanding the various pressure points in the body and upon graduation, the student becomes a therapist and not a massues

To perform the Abhyanga, the therapist has to have a deep understanding of the various vital points of the body known as the Marma Points which is defined as an anatomical site where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet together. The therapeutic massage involves understanding and manipulating these points for pain management. medicinal oils are are also used depending on the condition of the body. In some cases, different oil will be needed for the head massage and body treatment.

This program offers an integrative approach in Ayurvedic theory and practice for the massage therapist. Apart from having the theoretical knowledge it is important for the Ayurvedic therapist to know when to apply the different types of movements, strokes and pressure on the body. With the correct oil applications on the body and with the right pressure and strokes, Abhyanga therapy, stimulates, cleanses and revitalises the body. It acts directly on the blood, nerves and lymph circulatory systems thereby improving their performance.
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Other Courses

We offer customised courses on Yoga Therapy as well. Please contact us for more details

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